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August 12, 2016

How to use chinese laser cutter-tutorial part 6

This part is about Nerdy test stuff and summary

Bear in mind this is a video record of MY learning journey. I didn’t get everything correct at the beginning. The BIG thing I didn’t understand is how my laser tube actually worked and why it’s important to stick to the manufacturers (or typical values)for the driving current. No one told me that 100% was out of bounds and that I would quickly trash my tube if I kept working there. I did carry on trying to get the deepest cut. It was only when I started doing these tests across the power range that I realized I was getting no more cutting ability by running at high %power. By then I had virtually trashed my first tube. So if you do not fit an ammeter then don’t exceed 60%power setting. I cannot guarantee this is right for your machine but it seems safe for or all machines and all powers of laser that I’ve come across. This is just one of many tests to come to try and profile the power curve for my machine.

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