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December 13, 2018

Setting marking parameters in fiber laser marking machine software

In marking metal and plastic,There is a setting parameter range for reference to test ,Speed 100-2000 adjustable,Power 30-80 adjustable,Frequency 5-30. Depends on different materials and the marking effects you want so for a new operator may need conduct dozens of trials to know the ideal marking parameters for each material and even some experienced engineers have to try several times.

Here have a brief introduction about laser marking frequency,power,speed and the hatch function .  These four settings will affect the marking result in order to get a good laser marking result we need to adjust the speed power and frequency.

1.)  In laser marking machine,Marking frequency stands for the times of laser pulse per unit time is called the marking frequency.It is easy to understand.For example, When the value of marking frequency is high, the laser spot is dense ,on the contrary if the marking frequency value is low then the laser spot is parse.

Although the laser spot can not be seen by the naked eye,we can see it when we put the marking workpiece under the electron microscope.The continuous line we see by eyes turns out that is composed by many laser spots.The high value we set at marking frequency,the denser laser spot we get and more smoothness we will get on the marking workpiece.

2.)  Marking speed refers to the moving speed of the laser. Here this speed is the speed that can be adjusted in the parameters for marking.The overall marking time is not only affected by marking speed,but also by the marking depth, marking area and other factors.The higher speed you set,The faster marking speed you get.

Fast marking speed means less laser hitting times in the same marking place. Slow speed is more conducive to deep marking . But it does not mean the slower speed you set, the better depth you will get. It also depends on the different materials and other relative parameters you set at.

If the marking speed is too slow, the substance that burns by laser will accumulate on the surface of the material, and affect the laser to engrave deeper. When you are doing deep marking,It is better do a high speed marking after a few times of low speed marking. In this way you will get better marking result.

3. )  Marking power, in the parameter setting, the power is adjusted by percentage, and the output power from 0% to 100% can be adjusted. Usually the default power is 50%.Higher laser power you set,the stronger laser output energy you get and it is easier to marking depth.     You need to set the laser power according to your actual requirement.Because the laser output energy is too strong,It will do more affect to the material. As long as the laser power can reach your marking expectations then no need to set very high laser power,otherwise long time high power marking will do damage to the laser generator and affects its life span.

4.)  “Hatch” is used to force EZCAD to calculate the hatch fills for the current objects. The object to be filled must be closed curve, and if you choose many objects to fill, these figures can be objects nested mutually. Any two objects may not have intersectant parts .Line Space setting is the most frequent tool we use, line space is the space between two hatch lines .

The low value of line space result in denser lines in the object and more marking content and slow marking speed. You can try to set the line space at 0.05  .About the hatch type, Bidirectional hatch offers most efficient marking speed.

5.)  Finally it is the Pulse width . Pulse width means the lasting time of one unit pulse . Common fiber laser marking machine does not have this function to adjust the pulse width. In MOPA laser marking machine, It has the function of adjusting the pulse width and the main advantage is that it can mark black color or other color on stainless steel.




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