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Guangzhou Sinotech Laser Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Baiyun district, Guangzhou, was established in October 2006. We are the earliest company who research and produce laser machinery in China.

Sinotech is a professional manufacturer focus on the study of laser technology and laser application development. Sinotech has a laser machine production base of 4500 square meters,  and it is one of the earliest companies devoted to laser processing, laser equipment scientific research. Our company sets research, development, production, sales and maintenance services as a whole.

Sinotech relying on the first-class scientific and technological personnel, advanced technology, excellent products and scientific management concept, has gained an influential reputation in the laser cutting and engraving market . LEARN MORE

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We are professional laser machinery manufacturer,we offer laser cutting machinelaser engraving machine,  laser marking machine and other laser machinery.

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We have been researching and manufacturing laser machinery for 10 years until now, we have 4500 square meters workshop in China .


We have great reputation in this field, all parts of our machine are of great quality, we live on quality products.

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We are professional in laser machinery industry field, if you have any question about your machinery, you can get our support immediately.

Our videos include the instructions of installation, demo of application and reviews and so on.

ST-HQ1325 300w adjust the laser light part 2

ST-HQ1325 300w hybrid laser cutting machine laser light adjustment. How to test the laser light and adjust the laser light.

ST-HQ1325 300w laser cutting machine part 3

ST-HQ1325 300w laser cutting machine part 3 More information please contact Mary Tan Email: Mobile /whatsapp:+86 189 2750 6056 Website:

Part 1 welding machine electric connection

Laser welding machine user guide. For more information please feel free to contact Mary Tan + 86 189 2750 6056 Email:

Part 2 start operating the welding machine

Laser welding machine user guide 2

Install the 300w laser tube for ST-HQ1325 laser cutting machine.

Install the 300w laser tube for ST-HQ1325 laser cutting machine. Intall laser tube instructions More information please contact: Mary Tan Email: Mobile /whatsapp:+86 189 2750 6056