TF300 Waser Welding Machine

TF300 laser welding machine

TF300 lase welding machine is 300W, this machine is good for welding the materials of stainless, and the thickness is not so strong. It is suitable for some advertiments career.



TF300 laser welding machine

Model number TF-300
Laser Maximum output power 300W
Laser work material Nd:YAG
Laser wavelength 1064mm
Minmum welding molten pool 0.1mm
Welding depth 1mm
Pulse width 0.1-20ms Continuous adjustable
Pulse frequency 1-100Hz Continuous adjustable
Observation system The CCD camera and red light positioning
Total power ≤9kw
Power  demand 220v/single phase 50Hz/40A
Table size(mm) 1000*800

TF 300 laser welding machine is 300W laser power, this machine is suitabe for welding the materials of stainless and iron, this laser power is suite for the thickness of 0.6—5mm stainless welding, this machine is wildly used in the advertisement and jewelry industry.

On this machine we use the humanzid design, it have a foot panel to control the laser power working, and in the machine has its own english systerm, inside you can change the laser power according to the materials thickness.

This machine use the theory of YAG laser, it can weld the stainless fast, and it is perfect result, we use the table of Aluminum, which can cooling the materials fast, and makes the table to be used longer.

Main Advantages of Laser Welding Machine:

  1. Laser welding can control the heat input to the least demand quantity. Its range of metallographic change in the heat-affected zone is small. The deformation caused by the heat conduction can be controlled to minimum.
  2. Laser welding doesn’t use electrodes, so there is no electrode contamination or electrode damage. Furthermore, because it is non-contact welding process, equipment wear and deformation can be reduced to minimum.
  3. Laser beam is easy to focus and be aligned and is easy be guided by optical instruments, so laser welding machines can be placed at the appropriate distance from the workplace and laser beam can be guided around the machine or through the obstacles. Other welding methods are unable to take effect due to the above space limitations.
  4. The workpiece can be placed in hermetic space (under the control of vacuum or internal gas environment.)
  5. Laser beam can be focused in a small area, so laser welding can weld small metal parts with close welding gap.
  6. Laser welding is applicable to a large scale of materials and can weld various different materials.
  7. Laser welding is easy to do automatic high-speed welding and can process under digital or computer control.
  8. While welding thin metal sheets or thin wires, users will not be disturbed by the phenomenon of melt back as arc welding.
  9. Laser welding is not affected by the magnetic field (arc welding and electron beam welding is easily to be affected) and can be accurately focused on the welded workpiece.
  10. Laser welding is applicable to metals of two different physical properties (such as different resistance)
  11. Laser welding does not need vacuum environment or X-ray protection.
  12. Laser welding can use switch devices and optical fiber to transmit the laser beam to different work points, meeting the need of synchronized multi-position welding and non-simultaneous multi-position welding.



Laser automatic welding can be Used to weld alloy and metal, such as gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, titanium, nickel, tin, copper, aluminum, etc.The equipment have widely applied in aviation, spaceflight,watercraft, petrochemical industry, home appliances, medical equipment, instrument, electric, motor.

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