STC9060 Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine With CCD Camera Best For Cutting Stickers,Woven Labels, Printed Labels

STC9060 small vision laser cutting machine equipped with CCD camera system can automatically capture the contour of the patterns.

A productive processing laser machine widely used for cutting  all kinds of labels, trade mark, embroidery samples ,printed pattern fabric,printed pattern acrylic sheet, acrylic signage logo pattern cutting,Cartoon print stick – on trademarks and woven labels, printed labels, rubber labels, silkscreen printed labels etc.



STC9060 small vision laser cutting machine equipped with CCD camera system can automatically capture the contour of the patterns.

The Vision system uses marker point to determine the position and rotation of printed sheet material on the working area of the laser. Furthermore, any distortions in the printed graphics are recognized with the intelligent Vision camera. By applying sophisticated mathematical algorithms the system compensates for the detected print distortions and adjusts the cutting path dynamically to match the artwork.

No matter if flexible or rigid materials. How it works in simple words: The marker point are printed along the image. The camera which is attached to the laser head- “reads“ the marker point prior to the cutting process and compares the “read” positions on the printed design and the target positions in the original cut file.

Features and advantages

1.  This machine equipped with a small CCD Camera positioning system, captures image via CCD camera and automatically recognize the printed design and curves, automatic camera detection enables printed materials to be cut out precisely along the printed outline.For solving inevitable error caused by the manual position compare to the traditional laser cutting process.

2.  STC9060 laser cutting & engraving machine is equipped with density aluminium blade bed which is very suitable for cutting hard materials like acrylic sheet,leather material.Adopt high quality CO2 laser tube has better beam quality and strong power to insure stable laser light path and better cutting quality.

3.  A productivity processing laser machine, This STC9060 Use two independent laser power supplies driving two independent laser tubes to double the production speed. (One laser head is optional).

4.  The compact and strong rigid construction of this laser machine combined with 900*600mm cutting table with pass through space design allow you to cut long materials which is longer than the machine itself.

5.  STC9060 laser cutting machine is a fully integrated hardware and software solution that allows precise cutting for printed materials.

6.  Utilize high-quality rubber belts and Imported high precision linear square guide or high speed pulley guide rail withstand the fastest laser head movement and brings high quality cutting performance to customers.

7.  Adopts professional software that controls the system settings compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDraw and photoshop.

8.  Advanced control system to optimize the cutting path and time-saving. Speedy offline control system, support USB output directly, English interface, easy to operate.

Machine details

Applied materials:

clothing logo,embroidery trademark,printed pattern acrylic sheet, acrylic signage logo, Cartoon print stick – on trademarks and woven labels, printed labels, rubber labels, silkscreen printed labels Wood,paper,leather,cloth,organic glass,resin,acrylic,woolens,plastic,rubber,ceramic,tile,jade,crystal,bamboo ,plastic and other non-metallic materials.

Applicable industry:

Widely used in the industries of trademarks, garment, leather, cloth toy, computerized embroidery cutting, templates cutting, paper products and other industries


Parts Descriptions
Model STC9060
Laser Power 80-watt (100w,130w laser power is optional)
Laser Type CO2 sealed off glass tube
Working Area 900× 600mm (other size is optional)
Platform Grid platform or honeycomb platform
Positioning Accuracy < 0.01 mm
Engraving Speed 0-64000mm/min
Resolution ratio 0.025mm
Minimum shaping character Chinese character 2mm/ letter 1mm
Graphic Format Supported BMP, PLT, DST, DXF, AI,etc.
Software supported CorelDraw, PhotoShop, AutoCAD
Power Supply AC 220V ±10%, 50 – 60Hz
Gross power <1250w
Motor and Driver Stepper motor
Working temperature 5℃ ~ 45℃
Operating Humidity 5 – 95%
Cooling Method for Laser Water-cooling with protection system
Controlling software DSP control system
Machine dimension 1900*1530*1100mm
Net weight 380KGS
Computer Industrial standard computer
Standard accessories Air pump,Exhaust fan,Water chiller.
Optional Spare Parts Up-down table, Rotary System, Honeycomb table, Fume filtration unit
Recommended Spare Parts Laser Tube mirrors and lens
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