On-The-Fly CO2 Laser Marking Coding Machine For Mineral Water Bottle Coding And Carton Boxes Marking Coding

Sinotech laser CO2 laser machines offer you consistent high-quality marking and coding on a wide range of materials. Our On-the -fly laser systems are designed to meet the needs of most consumer packaged goods applications by providing maximum uptime and increased productivity and the most flexible configuration options for line integration. Easy to install the laser coding system to your production line.



Lasers have become common-place in today’s modern manufacturing facilities, marking an ever-widening variety of materials and products. Laser technology has been extensively developed to keep pace with developments in materials. Sinotech Laser Technologies is your solution provider for your packaging applications requiring permanent clear laser marking on labels,product,packages.

The On-the-fly CO2 marking system offers standard power levels at 30w and 60W, which are ideal choices for high duty cycle applications on plastic,rubber, wood, paper, anodized metal and label marking applications. They are perfect for “Marking-on-the Fly” as well as stationary marking. Their RF-excited CO2 tube assures a long life cycle as well with virtually maintenance-free operation. Due to their compact size and modular construction, the CO2-Series markers can go almost any place they are needed on the plant floor.

Machine details

Features and advantages

1.  Adopts imported American SYNRAD or COHERENT RF excited CO2lasers tubes to achieves higher efficiency and stability. Higher output power, excellent beam quality. Highly efficient laser excitation generate powerful 30 W output, which is 2.5 times higher than conventional laser marking machines.

2.  Maximize printer availability with long-life, air-cooled laser source, laser life expectancy of up to 45,000+ hours and the RF laser tube is reusable which can be gas refilled/recharged .

3.  Equipped with High-resolution marking head delivers consistent, crisp codes at ultra high speed with stable marking performance,marking speed at 7000mm/s. High-quality, permanent codes help assure product traceability and tamper-proofng

4.  Compact and robust industrial design suitable for harsh environments can meet high-volume production requirement,allowing 24 hours constantly operation.Optimized for high-speed and high-volume production lines.

5.  Simple integration Compact, high-power laser marking system in the industry and Easily integrate the laser marking system, even into production lines that have space limitations.

6.  The CO2 laser coding system can be customized to your needs – available in different speed, power, focal and marking head specifications.

7.  User-friendly software, adopts professional laser marking softwaresupporting BMP,JPG,DXF,PLT,AI etc. formats and various Barcodes Datamatrix Codes & Serial Numbers .

Applied materials:

Paper& paperboard, Painted wood, Acrylic,Cardboard,Sticky label, Box carboard, Glass, Wood,sticks,Leather,Fabric,Plastic,Coated metals,Metal caps,Circuit board,Electrical components,Pharmaceutical foil, Packaging box,Plastic tube, Printed circuit board,PET bottles,Ceramics and other non-metal materials.

Applicable industry:

  • Soft-Drinks Packaging Industry.
  • Food Packaging Industry.
  • Alcohol Packaging Industry.
  • Medicine Packaging Industry.
  • Tobacco Packaging Industry.



Commodity name Online flying CO2 laser marking machine
Model NO. FLY-RF30
Laser Power 30W
Laser Type RF excited CO2 laser
Laser wavelength 10.6µm
Laser lifespan ≤45,000hrs
Marking range 110mm*110mm
Optical quality M2<1.5
Engraving speed 0-7000 mm/s
Engraving depth ≤3mm
Marking line speed ≤230m/min
Min.Line ≥0.01mm
Min. shaping character ≥0.15mm
Resetting pos.accuracy ±0.01mm
Transmission Vibration galvanometer
Graphic format supported CDR.DWG.DXF.JPG. ect.
Power supply Ac 220 v ± 10% , 50 Hz
Interface USB/Ethernet/SD card
Cooling method Air cooling
Gross power ≤800W
Net weight 70kg
Supported Marking Formats Numbers,fonts,Readable codes(2D Datamatrix codes),Graphics, Logos, Bar cods etc.
Packing size 950*910*1570mm
Environmental Protection IP54
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