Here shows some our laser engraving samples

Here I would like to show some laser engraving samples made by our CO2 laser cutting & engraving machine.
1. The first one 3D engraving on wood,Aztec solar calendar, We call it relief sculpture. Need carefully  handle the engraving details as the pattern is very fine.

2. The second is a glass cup engraving sample,Glass engraving need a rotary attachment to fulfill it.

3. The CO2 laser engraving machine also applies to ceramic cup engraving,the results is very fine and appealing. Please see these below ceramic cups engraving samples.

4. Our CO2 laser engraving machines can be equipped with a rotary attachment in order to engraving on cylindrical objects. The below samples is a bamboo brush pot, we made it by our CO2 laser engraving machine .

And blow vacuum flasks, The outside material is bamboo. engraving by our laser machines.

If you are interested in our laser engraving machines please feel free to contact us.


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