Cost Efficient Hybrid CO2 Laser Cutter High Precision Cutting Performance ST-HQ1325 Large Laser Cutting Area

High Precision ST-HQ1325 CO2 Hybrid Laser Cutting Machine For Non-metal and Metal Materials Cutting .

With large cutting area 1300*2500mm best solution for factories to process thin metal materials like 1.5mm stainless steel and 2mm carbon steel.Cost efficient Chinese CO2 hybrid laser cutter cutting acrylic with clear cutting finish. Can be equipped with 150W laser power as well as 300W . Our cutters are fully cleaned & inspected and are in proper operating & cutting condition。Machine Parts Warranty ,High-Quality And Low Cost laser cutting and engraving machines from Sinotech Laser company.

Sinotech Laser CO2 Advertising cutting and engraving machine .Our CO2 hybrid Laser Cutter widely used in different areas,such as Metal materials:stainless steel/carbon steel/galvanized sheet/ Non-metallic materials: Wood/paper/leather/cloth/organic glass/resin/acrylic/ double-color board, ABS board,/woollens/plastic/rubber/ceramic/tile/,bamboo /plastic and other non-metallic materials.

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