Chinese Laser Cutter Tutorial Part 1

If you watch the part 2 video you will see that some plastics produce dangerous fumes. Please do some careful research if you plan to cut anything more than acrylic. Even some woods like Redwood cedar can be dangerous. Generally, make sure you have a very good extraction system. To get a 50 watt tube in your machine you will need to buy a 60 watt machine because they are always over specified. The alternative is to buy a 50 watt machine (which will be cheaper) if it has a big enough work area, it will be fitted with a 40 watt tube but when you are happy with the machine and how to use it , you can buy a good quality tube and power supply to suit your requirements. After this 6 part series about getting my machine into working condition I made mistakes and learned my lesson the hard way. The the whole of my laser journey is documented starting at After 8 months I eventually upgraded my 40 watt machine to 60 watts. I now have a great machine.

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