Automatic bending machine based on precision mechanical structure,encoder accurate ensure the feed length,high strength of double blade design,servo motor,ensure the forming precision of processed products ,suitable for processing small radian,small angle. Complex models can also be perfect controlled,it is the first choice devise for the high grade led words,stainless steel words,punching words and resin word’s bending edge.

Machine features:
Double bending tools bending system, specialde signed bending tools and the tools edge, capable of bending with plate and profile. Better choice for small angle and radian bending.
Double-cutter slotting, using plane cutter for Galvanized sheet and Stainless steel, using milling cutter for Aluminum plate and Aluminum profiles.
Continual rolling press feeding, fast and precise, continual respond, shorten the time of feeding. The close-loop control from length encoder and system itself, makes possible to avoid the material slipping.
Original double-bent knife parallel bending technology to save time and greatly improve the processing efficiency, the maximum bending angle reached 130 °
High precision machining, feeding precision can reach 0.01mm.
With precision automatic calibration function, so that it can match with a variety of engraving machines and cutting machine, meet a variety of complex embedded process accuracy as much as possible.
Applicable Material:
Stainless steel, iron, flat aluminum, aluminum profiles.

It is mainly used for Upscale LED Sign letters,stainless steel advertising letters,punching Letters and resin words etc.

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