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Here are the collection of laser machinery application, you can find user guide, how to operate a laser machine, different machine working videos.


Guangzhou Sinotech Laser Company offers professional laser coding marking solutions. Lasers have become common-place in today’s modern manufacturing facilities, marking an ever-widening variety of materials and products.

Animal Ear Tag Laser Marking Machine

High speed laser marking machine,Animal Ear tag printing widely used in farm.

500w fiber laser machine cutting stainless steel material

Affordable Laser Cutting machine with Medium Power Fiber Laser source, ST-3015FE comes with 500w fiber laser light source designed with high precision criteria, rigid, powerfully body,The mechanical structure constructed for heavy duty conditions.An ideal equipment in Sign industry,Kitchen and Electric cabinet box industry to increase productivity.

500W fiber laser cutting brass copper material

Sinotech laser cutting machine ST-3015FE comes with 500w laser power source having low energy consumption and very fast cutting capability with minimum maintenance cost.

500w fiber laser cutting aluminum material

High - efficient Fiber laser cutting machines for for the metal fabrication industry. Sinotech ST-3015FE fiber laser cutting machine offers high speed cutting on thinner metal materials and lower operating costs.

Online flying CO2 laser marking coding machine

The On-the-fly CO2 marking system offers standard power levels at 30w and 60W, which are ideal choices for high duty cycle applications on plastic,rubber, wood, paper, anodized metal and label marking applications.

ST-HQ1390 CO2 Laser Cutting Stainless Steel material

An ideal equipment for signage industry, It can both cut thin metal materials like stainless steel and mild steel up to 2mm and also can cut non-metal materials like acrylic up to 25mm and wood MDF etc.

1000w fiber laser cutting machine show SINOTECH LASER CUTTER

SINOTECH LASER Fiber laser cutting machine show The use of a fiber laser machine provides you with the capability of cutting sheet metal of varying thickness ranging from materials like 0.5mm-14mm thick.

1000W fiber laser cuts 8mm Carbon Steel

ST-3015FE Fiber Laser Cutting Machine The ST-3015FE Fiber Laser system offers high speed and lower operating cost for metal processing while still providing a high level of cutting quality

Laser light alignment for laser cutting machine

After you have checked the laser light alignment on three reflecting mirrors then this is the final step for the laser light alignment .

Fiber laser marking machine software instruction

Fiber laser marking machine software instruction,More information please feel free to contact Mary Tan +86 189 2750 6056

500w fiber laser machine cutting stainless steel material
How to install 300W CO2 laser tube- part1

This video shows how to install 300W CO2 laser tube for our customer

How to uninstall the laser tube video

this is the video how to uninstall the laser tube

How to install the laser cutting machine software

This video show you how to install software fo laser cutting machine, it is very easy and common.

G-code – Enabled Chinese Laser Cutter

A cheap Chinese laser cutter hacked to run G-code. I used the RAMPS 1.4 RepRap electronics with a modified version of Marlin firmware.

The eBay laser cutter from Chinese Manufacturer follow up

After many questions on my previous video of this machine, I decided to answer as many as I could remember in this video.

The eBay laser cutter from Chinese Manufacturer

"Quick" ramble video on the $2500AUD eBay laser cutter 🙂

Ebay laser from China Laserworks program and use.

Ebay laser from China Laserworks program and use.

50 Watt CO2 Laser engraver cutter from China, EBAY Laser, Basic operation and overview

In this video I will answer a few questions and give you some over view of the laser

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