TFZ-H300 Dual Optical Path YAG Laser Welding Machine For Stainless Steel Advertising Channel Letters Welding

TFZ-H300 Dual optical  path YAG laser welding machine is also called advertising letters laser welding machine specially designed for  advertising sign LOGOs, Metal Channel letters welding.

The TFZ-H300 laser welding machine includes a solid working table , a CW-6000 industrial water chiller and the laser welding system.

It has a 5 meters handheld welding gun allows you to weld big workpiece and you can move it freely which offers you more flexibility towards your welding work .  Advertising letters welding machine adopts YAG laser generator and are capable of welding up to 2mm stainless steel,iron and other metal materials. With its affordable price and high quality welding performance makes it more and more popular in advertising letter industry.

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