30W Fiber Laser Marking Machine For All Metal Materials Engraving Etching Marking

Fast laser markers from Sinotech Laser ,Marking on coated metal parts. Industrial Laser Solution and Fast & Robust Laser marking system.We are offering high quality laser marking solutions for industries! Maintenance Free,Integrate & Stand-Alone high Quality and Cost-Efficient laser marking machines supply from Guangzhou Sinotech Laser Company.

Laser marking offers the possibility to create high-quality product markings on virtually any material in any shape. Sinotech Technologies provides laser marking systems for all industrial marking needs on various plastics, polymers, steel, aluminum, chrome, brass, copper, and other alloys. Markings can be made on virtually any product shape or form including cables, wires, wire harnesses, sheets, plates, bar, and coil.

Whether the product was formed by extrusion, EDM, CNC, 3D printing, or any other fabrication method we are confident we can find the traceability or brand marking solution for any production process. Additionally, Sinotech lasers are able to perform at high speeds and even on metals that are still at high temperatures. The marking solution can be delivered as a stand-alone system, as a system integrated into a manufacturer’s production line, or as a capability added to other industrial fabrication equipment. Sinotech lasers are a user-friendly & cost-effective alternative for your marking needs.

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