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August 12, 2016

How to use chinese laser cutter-tutorial part 1

How to use chinese laser cutter-tutorial part 1, this part is all about introduction and look at machine.

Let me take a few educated guesses here, 1)You bought a 50 watt laser machine. Sadly it’s not 50 watts because you can measure your tube to find its 800mm long indicating that it is a 40 watt tube. 2) The tube is labelled KH LASER…bad news. I have been trying for months to track down the maker of KHtubes. They don’t exist. From the evidence of many correspondents I am concluding that they fit B grade tubes to Ebay machines and label them with this fictitious company label. The tubes work, but not very well or for very long, 3 You do not have an ammeter fitted to your machine? AND do you know what the maximum drive current is for your tube? Have you been running at more than 65% power?? ( I suspect yes) 3) It often happens that the power supply does fail before the tube because they seem to be made of feathers, angel dreams and the cheapest components. 4) Difficult decision time. Do you just buy a new tube and risk it against your dodgy power supply or take the plunge and upgrade to a good tube that will serve you well.

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